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Lady Luck “Dreams” A Direct Response song to Nikki Minaj’s “Barbie Dreams”


Lady Luck has aroused some hotness with her new single “Dreams”, a direct

response song to Nicki Minaj’s mentioning of Luck in her song “Barbie

Dreams ”.


Lady Luck came to play no games with her response to this song followed by

an astounding visual!!!


She is looking and acting very seductive with her 40” LaQues Unit made by

LaQuanda Buncom.


Lady Luck has been in the music game for over a decade from being signed to

Def Jam, her rap battles, mainly with Remy Ma to being on songs with

legends such as EPMD - Symphony 2000 ft. Redman, Method Man, Lady Luck and

staring on Bravo TV's First Family of Hip Hop with her Sugar Hill family.


Luck has a lot more tricks up her sleeve in the near future so be on the



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Black women Shane-Johnson

Celebrity Tv Personality Shay Johnson from “Love n Hip Hop” & as Buckey from “Flavor of Love”

Sporting LaQues Brazilian Hair

Cumb Ja-Rule

Rapper Lady Luck & Ja Rule

Custom colored and unit made by LaQuanda Buncom owner of Hair Ballers, LLC & LaQues Virgin Hair Co.

Lady Luck sporting LaQues 40” Brazilian Hair, custom made by LaQuanda for her video release “Dream”